Anna M. Battenhouse

Anna M. Battenhouse

Anna Battenhouse is a Dean’s Honored Graduate from the Section of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and will graduate with a diploma in biochemistry. She is becoming acknowledged for her exceptional educational effectiveness earning her a perfect four.00 GPA and her prolific investigate endeavors in the laboratory of Professor Vishy Iyer, which led to six articles in prestigious investigate journals.

Anna’s investigate in the Iyer lab is in the region of practical genomics, which seeks to fully grasp the intricate interactions in between genes, transcription variable binding, chromatin point out, and the differential gene expression that underlies eukaryotic mobile differentiation, reaction to external stimuli and lots of disorder states. One of the big surprises in biology right after the human genome was sequenced in 2000 was that the quantity of protein-coding genes is only close to 22,000. Given that nematode worms have 19,000, it is distinct that complexity is not purely a perform of genome dimension. Rather, it has become more and more distinct that refined regulatory packages interact with genomic modularity to give rise to the complexity of vertebrate cells. Though all cells have basically the exact same DNA (genes), it is evidently regulation that brings about distinctive genes to be turned on (expressed) or off at distinctive moments (e.g. for the duration of fetal progress), spots (e.g. cells in distinctive entire body tissues and organs), and contexts (e.g. in reaction to environmental stimuli).

Anna returned to college or university to research biology right after earning a BA in English literature from Carleton Higher education and a long time of doing the job in the software sector her successes at the College of Texas are testomony to the lifelong mother nature of understanding and to her courage to seek out new troubles. Her fascination with understanding was evident quickly to Professor Iyer, who taught Anna in BIO325 Genetics course. In just a number of lectures, Anna shown a refined mastery of the issue and was invited to come do the job in Professor Iyer’s lab. There, she was in a position to combine her working experience in software progress and her fascination in biology to make contributions in the region of practical genomics, proteomics, and programs biology. She took more than the administration of the lab’s databases of microarrays (DNA chips), and assisted groups of scientists with their details analyses. As new technologies this sort of as upcoming-generation sequencing overtook the use of microarrays, Anna was instrumental in comprehending the instruments of upcoming-gen details examination, details formats, and platforms, making it possible for the lab to exploit this new technology fast and efficiently. Various of her endeavours are now utilized by a consortium of scientists known as the ENCODE consortium. Her investigate led to six distinctive journal publications, like a single in the prestigious journal Science and a single in Nature.

Anna has performed a substantial part in the mentoring of other students in the Iyer lab, and has carried out lots of tutorial classes in programming, databases, and studies to undergraduate and graduate students. She served as a training assistant for a class presented by GSAF and the SSC, and has been offering tutorials for lab members on how to use the wide computational assets of the Texas Highly developed Computing Heart (TACC), a national facility on the College of Texas campus.

Anna is by now pursuing her post-graduation strategies – she is doing the job as a investigate biologist in the laboratory of Professor Vishy Iyer. She strategies to proceed her 2nd-profession passion and remain at the College of Texas. For her book choice, she’s chosen the academically proper Likelihood Principle: The Logic of Science by E. T. Jaynes.

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