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Choose the Right Green Product and check the Impurities

Improving your home can be done in the simplest way, cleaning your home regularly. You might need to use cleaning products to keep areas free of dust, mildew and bacteria so your home will free from contaminant that can cause an allergies and illness. However, some traditional cleaners are contains dangerous chemicals such as endocrine disruptor or carcinogens. These dangerous chemicals can cause illness and other problem such as cancer for you and your family. These dangerous chemicals may also destroy your environment; destroy air and water supplies or waste natural resources. Therefore, I recommend you to choose a green cleaner that will help you to clean contaminant and minimize harms for you, your family and your environment. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to choose the right Green cleaning products for your home.

The first step is determine how strong the cleaning product you need. Each area on your home might need different treatment and different cleaning product strength. There are many green cleaning product types such as all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, furniture polish, sanitizing wipes and many more. You might need to get Boc Sciences  to check the impurity of material.

The next step is check ingredients list on the green cleaning product. Make sure that there is no toxic ingredient warning label on your product and ensure that there are no other dangerous chemical. Dangerous chemicals that you need to avoid are alkyphenolethoxylates, glycol ethers and heavy metals, such as chromium. You can check the Impurities list on this website or you can simply search for it.

The next step is check the label or packaging. Make sure that you are purchasing green product that have packaging and labeling that are minimal, biodegradable and recyclable. Don’t purchase aerosols packaging before it will harm the nature. The product itself should free from heavy phosphates, low organic compounds and doesn’t contain ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. This explanation might be confusing if you don’t have knowledge about chemicals. Alternatively, you can simply contact product manufacturers and check whether the cleaning product packaging, labeling and the product itself is green product.

You may also make your home more eco-friendly by transform every little thing on your home from energy eater into saving energy. You can follow this following step to make sure your home is also going green.

Make sure that you have a basic recycling station, and throw away anything that can be recycled. Check your local recycling center to get a guidelines or exclusions for organizing and delivering your recyclables.

You also need to minimize waste by using reusable variation. For example if you are using paper towels or plastic bags, you can substitute them using dish towels and reusable bags to minimize your impact to the environment.

Make sure that you use appliances that have the energy star logo. You will save more than 50% energy by using appliances that have the energy star logo. However, you also need to conserve on other places such as replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

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