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The origins of classical education lie in the instructive strategy of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Students are once once more reading the classical texts and wonderful books, reciting the similar epic poetry, studying the classical languages, developing comparable music literacy, worshipping by means of conventional liturgy, and writing and orally defending theses. Classical Christian education is the most effective of both worlds—it promotes high academic requirements even though incorporating a biblical world view into all areas of mastering.

And so, the reemergence of classical education over the last couple of decades is undertaking far a lot more than basically winning competitions and training our students to assume with trophies in hand, it seems that our students are portion of practically nothing less than a civilizational renaissance, the revitalized intellectual tradition of a distinctive and vibrant Christian culture.

The CiRCE Institute The CiRCE Institute is a major provider of inspiration, data, and insight to classical educators all through the U.S. and Canada by way of an annual conference, an on line classical academy, in-house teacher training, Lost Tools of Writing Workshops and materials, consulting on board development, school leadership, and school commence-up, as properly as a content-laden web page and blog.

As of 2015, classical schools had the highest SAT scores in each of the three categories of Reading, Math, and Writing among all independent, religious and public schools. Parents interested in finding out far more about the Classical methodology of education are encouraged to read Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning by Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans. At Providence Academy we adhere to a teaching model identified as the Trivium, a system that formed the foundation of a medieval liberal arts education. Grammar consists of language capabilities such as reading and the mechanics of writing.

Students are taught the fundamentals by means of memorization, a way of finding out that was of great value in ancient times, due to the fact before the invention of printing, books were not readily accessible. Our curriculum (and these who teach it) will have to prepare our young scholars for the argument, and cultivate a appreciate for the very one particular with whom they will inevitably argue.

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