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Our History — Foundation For Environmental Education

The conventional fundamentals of secular education are, in the well-known phrase, the three Rs” – the keys to literacy and numeracy. This trend may perhaps be viewed as a microcosm of how several environmental education applications seek to 1st engage participants by way of establishing a sense of nature appreciation which then translates into actions that affect conservation and sustainability. Rather it is to acknowledge that a paradigm shift demands to take place in this nation to emphasize the crucial part that education ought to play in advancing sustainability. In Australia, environmental education policies have been created, although state departments have been slow to incorporate environmental education into key curriculum documents.

Chapter 36 of Agenda 21specifically discusses re-orienting education towards sustainable development, and encompasses all streams of education, each formal and non-formal, simple education and all the essential difficulties associated to educating for sustainable human development. Contemporary environmental education strives to transform values that underlie decision producing from ones that help environmental (and human) degradation to these that help a sustainable planet.

Environmental education is predominately incorporated into and practised via current curriculum locations principally the ‘Studies of Society and the Environment’ (SOSE) crucial finding out location. Foster the skills, attitudes, motivation, and values that will redirect action to sustainable practices and make the commitment to operate individually and collectively toward a sustainable planet. Environmental education policies that fund coaching applications are critical to educating citizens to prosper in a sustainable society. Some say that education for sustainability is a subset of environmental education other individuals say vice versa.

A movement that has progressed due to the fact the relatively current founding (1960s) of environmental education in industrial societies has transported the participant from nature appreciation and awareness to education for an ecologically sustainable future. Later that decade, in 1977, the Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education in Tbilisi, Georgia emphasized the role of Environmental Education in preserving and improving the worldwide atmosphere and sought to provide the framework and suggestions for environmental education.

The Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education Job Force has attempted to do just that – function cooperatively with representatives from all disciplines to come to a consensus on education policy for this nation. The Conference laid out the part, objectives, and characteristics of environmental education, and supplied a number of ambitions and principles for environmental education.

Resulting from this meeting, a strategic framework for EET in UNEP containing a strategy of action spelling out UNEP’s involvement in the atmosphere component of the DESD and an introductory guide on UNEP’s programmes and sources for environmental education and education was created. In addition, celebration of Earth Day or participation in EE week (run via the National Environmental Education Foundation) can support further environmental education. Education on any topic, but specifically on sustainability, must flow from school to neighborhood and back again.

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