Coming Household

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Coming Home

Sunday afternoon, community espresso shop

Dana: “Hello, women! So Sasha couldn’t make it. A thing about Zama needing to be taught a lesson…or a thing.”

Meygan: “Hey there Sugar Shoes!”

Cloe: “Aww, Zama’s in hassle again? You know, I know a good child-sitter who’s seriously great with Ida and Colin. I feel her title is Lian? Sweet-colored hair that is seriously yummy wanting…do you feel that is terrible for the young children? Does it mail the incorrect concept? Ohmygosh, I you should not feel Lian is these a great strategy immediately after all! She’ll corrupt Zama and Zama’ll grow up to be some option, wanna-be anime lady and-”

Meygan: “CLOE, tranquil oneself!!”

Yasmin: “Anyways, this very first two weeks have been so nerve-racking. AP Environmental Science is killing me. You can find research each and every working day! On top rated of that, I have to help educate the newcomers in yearbook and there was that college interview I had to prep for! Urgggh.”

Meygan: “Ooh, how’d that interview go?”

Yasmin: “It was seriously cool. Pitzer has this eco-helpful vibe that is soo awe-inspiring. Ooh, did I mention I’m formally a licensed driver now?!”

Cloe: “Ohmygosh, Very Princess! That is good information!”

Dana: “Completely. I’m jealous. I have not even completed driving faculty nonetheless! Bleh.”

Cloe: “Ohmygah!”

Meygan: “Drama Mama, whatchu ‘ohmygah’-ing about?”

Cloe: “Hold out, Shira is right here?”

Dana: “What?”

Cloe: “Search! It truly is Jade and Nevra!!”

Yasmin, Dana, Meygan: “Nevra?!

Jade: “Wassup, Bratzies! Guess who I ran into at LAX?!”

Dana: “Is this for serious? We have not found Nevz considering that the seventh quality!!!”

Meygan: “Is your loved ones relocating again to Stiles now? I are not able to imagine you’ve been travelling the earth the previous few decades.”

Cloe: “Your hair! That is so bold! Your hair!”

Yasmin: ” For serious, although, are you seriously going again to Stiles?”

Nevra: “Girls, women, women! Shush. Mmk, of course fo’ serious I’m coming property. I’m not investing senior 12 months devoid of my sisters from yet another mister!”

Jade: “We have sooo substantially catching up to do! ”

Nevra: “Ooohkay, exactly where do I begin?”

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Luis Barrera

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Luis Barrera

Luis Alberto Barrera is a Dean’s Honored Graduate in the fields of Physics and Arithmetic. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and has gained numerous scholarships and awards in the course of his time at UT, like the Thomas and Elizabeth Merner Scholarship in Pure Sciences, the Ira Lon Morgan Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Physics and the Melvin J. Rieger Scholarship in Physics. He was also named a Williams Scholar by the UT Arithmetic Section.

As we can see from his degrees, certificates and exploration regions, Luis has not been confined by a person area of science. In his time here at UT, he has been associated in several vastly different fields of research. He has uncovered and developed techniques to incorporate these fields and establish himself as a leader in the reducing-edge regions where by they overlap. He has gained a B.S. in Physics, a B.S. in Arithmetic and a Certification in Computational Science and Engineering. He has also been intently associated with biology and medicine. His recent paper examines function carried out at Harvard Medical University. It seeks to comprehend the evolution of transcriptional regulatory networks in yeast. His other regions of exploration have integrated particle physics and influenza epidemic simulations.

While his mentors arrive from numerous different fields, Luis say his most influential mentor has been Dr. George Shubeita. Jointly Luis and Dr. Shubeita have produced solutions to research the regulation of microtubule-dependent cargo transport in Drosophila. Luis’s exploration here at UT suggests that he will go on to utilize his broad span of knowledge and establish bridges of knowing in between physics, mathematics, biology and medicine.

In the coming slide Luis will hold integrating many regions of research. He will enroll jointly in the Harvard Biophysics plan and the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics plan at the Harvard-MIT Division of Well being Sciences and Technological know-how. He has gained an NSF Graduate Investigate Fellowship as well as the James Mills Peirce Fellowship from the Harvard Graduate University of Arts and Sciences to continue his have first exploration. In keeping with his desire in the overlap of many regions of science, Luis has picked Rob Phillips’s Bodily Biology of the Cell for his guide award. Luis is a person of this year’s scholar speakers.

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